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Before clients start on a training programme with Travis, he begins with a consultation that can last up to 1 hour. In this consultation Travis will listen to you, get an understanding of your goals and requirements and begin to formulate the best plan moving forward for you. All of Travis' clients have different specific needs therefore the consultation process is a crucial part of the beginning of your journey. If you are interested in beginning Personal Training or Exercise Correction/Rehabillitation with Travis please ensure you watch his FAQ video at the bottom of the page which details everything you need to know!

Heres what his clients say: 

Claire J: I began training with Travis when I fell pregnant first my first child and did all the sessions in the comfort of my own home, he came highly recomended by two of my friends and I knew he was the right trainer for me immediately from the consultation process. Travis was warm and welcoming, knowledgeable and utterly proffesional. I always understood exactly what I was doing, why I was doing it and how it would help me at the different stages of pregnancy. 

James M: After being released from 2 football academies due to an ACL/MCL injury, I had all but given up on a career as a footballer. Two previous attempts at physiotherapy had not worked which led me to fall into depression. I found Travis online through YouTube and decided to commute 90 minutes for a consultation with him. Travis was totally unfazed by my injury, requested all my scans, explained things to me in such a simple way and devised a plan. 12 months later I was off anti-depressants and back playing football. Travis even came to my first competitive game back after rehabilitation which speaks volumes of the man. Thank you for everything Travis! 

Jessica L: I was so nervous and anxious before my consultation with Travis, after the first couple of minutes I was totally at ease. Travis understood that I was unfit, knew nothing about training and found the gym quite frankly terrifying. He made my sessions at non-peak times, took me away from crowded areas of the gym, focused my attention on just him and kept encouraging me when I was struggling. I have become someone who for the first time is confident in myself and confident with exercising without Travis around planned sessions. If anyone reading this is feeling like I was, super anxious about PT please just go for it!  

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Who is Travis and what does he offer?

Travis has been a Personal Trainer since 2015. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge from thousands of hours of Personal Training clients on the gym floor.

Travis is an expert in corrective exercise, strength training, weight loss, exercise for sport and has extensive experience training those who are pre and post natal.

Working previously in chiropractic clinics and dealing with clients with injury and chronic pain has meant Travis has niched into injury rehabilitation, performance analysis and improvement and biomechanics, this skill set has led professional Boxers, Netballers, Footballers and Cyclists to enlist Travis as their personal trainer/corrective therapist. Travis has built a strong track record of success with clients - in all areas - and continues to develop himself in order to continually improve as a trainer, through personal development and mentoring.

Travis hugely emphasises the importance of his clients being comfortable in the gym and does everything he can to make his clients gain confidence, knowledge and results! His passion for anatomy, physiology and biomechanics shines through in his sessions. Travis provides both home visits and studio sessions. 

At Eden Sports Clinic in Kent Travis works as a personal trainer, correctional exercise specialist and sports massage therapist, this means that Travis trains a host of different clientele of all abilities, ages and walks of life. Eden clinic has a completely private studio where your sessions will be 1-1 with Travis without anyone else being present in the studio. Eden sports clinic has a state of the art Alter G machine which provides athletes and the public with the ability to gradually load and rehabilitate injuries whilst keeping up a level of fitness. As a sports massage therapist, there is a common misconception that to see a sports massage therapist you must be a sportsman or sportswomen however most of my clients come to me for general tightness, muscular dysfunction, injury, pregnancy massage, headaches, chronic pain and more. 

Prices for Personal Training

Prices for Eden Sports Clinic are reflective of my qualification list and experience as well as the fact that it is a small private studio in which it will almost always just be exclusively me and you. Sessions are tailored for your individual needs, payment can either be made in full or in installments after each session if training at the clinic.

All below sessions are 1 hour long. 

Consultation: Free

Single Session/Pay as you go
Eden Sports Clinic: £60
Home Visits: £50

Block of 10 Sessions 
 Eden Sports Clinic: £550 or 10x £55 installments
Home Visits: £450 

Childrens Personal Training (Ages 7-16)
Eden Sports Clinic: 1-1 Session £40 Pay as you go
 Eden Sports Clinic: 2-1 Session £45 Pay as you go

Online Consultations (Up to 1 hour)
Skype/Zoom/Teams: £60

Online Training:
Price on Request

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