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Travis has worked in the fitness industry as a Personal Trainer since 2015. Since then, Travis has quickly upskilled in sports therapy courses, sports massage therapy and has gained a plethora of fitness qualifications including exercise for lower back pain and pre and post natal exercise. Travis took his passion to YouTube where he creates videos to educate and inspire those needing rehabilitation and to teach and lecture topics of anatomy and physiology. Travis works in two facilities where he offers private studio personal training and commercial gym based personal training (Hever House of Health and Fortitude Fit). He personal trains clientele of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. Not only does Travis work as a personal trainer, he also works as a Sports Massage and Corrective Exercise Therapist at Fortitude Fit to rehabilitate clients with injury and dysfunction. Find out more about Travis by clicking below!

Personal Training & Rehab

Travis is a highly skilled, well rounded trainer, who holds a level 4 qualification in personal training. He puts massive emphasis on making the gym a comfortable space for all clientele, gradually building clients confidence and knowledge on all things sports and exercise. Travis was once a beginner and offers a caring, patient and versatile approach to all of his clients. 

Travis specialises in rehabilitation, strength training and weight management. He also has great knowledge and understanding of sport specific training and exercise for lower back pain reduction. Travis has built an exceptional reputation with his clients through his friendly, motivational manner and the results he has achieved with them. Travis offers personal training and rehabillitation in the comfort of a private 1-1 studio at Hever House of Health or cheaper commercial personal training at Fortitude Fit in Edenbridge. Travis has an exceptional understanding in anatomy as he is near fluent in anatomical Latin.

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Sports Massage

Travis is a highly qualified and experienced remedial and sports massage therapist, who has previously worked in clinics, in both Kent and Surrey. Travis currently works at Fortitude Fit in Edenbridge, Kent. He has studied, anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and clinical soft tissue techniques. Travis is a valued member of the CThA.

Travis combines sports rehabilitation and deep tissue massage to treat specific areas of chronic muscular tension. His treatments aim to improve general aches and pains, usually caused by previous injuries, repetitive activities or simply postural changes e.g from working at a desk.

You do not have to be a sportsman or sportswomen to be seen by Travis at Fortitude Fit, nor do you have to be a member of the gym! Travis treats a wide range of clientele of all ages, backgrounds and medical histories. Previously working in a chiropractic clinic, Travis is used to seeing those in chronic pain and specialises in head and neck massage as well as sports injury and rehabilitation. Click below for more information and to hear from Travis himself!

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