About Me

I became a personal trainer at the early age of 17 because I love the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle. I am passionate about making fitness efficient, fun and accessible to all. I have trained clientele of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. I have been lucky enough to work with high level athletes including high level Footballers, Netballers, Cyclists and Boxers. 

This was not enough however I quickly realised I wanted to upskill, learn more and be able to offer more than just your run of the mill standard PT. I quickly started gaining qualifications in sports therapy, sports massage, anatomy and physiology, biomechanics, gait analysis, pre and post natal pregnancy, exercise referral and lower back pain. These qualifications are just the tip of the iceburg of my qualification list. I did this to challenge myself to become a more well rounded individual who understood not only how to train clients but also how to fix dysfunction through massage or correctional exercise therapy. 

I started UKFitnesshub to educate those who are not fortunate enough to have access to or the money to afford private healthcare and personal training. Having comments on YouTube from teachers who play my lecture series in their classrooms from countries across the globe or comments on my YouTube videos from those who have been rehabillitated by videos I have posted gives me an immense sense of pride.  

Whether it is personal training, massage therapy or correctional exercise you are seeking, I would love to hear from you to see if I could help you in your journey to unlocking your bodys full potential. 

I work currently doing both home visits for clients and also at Eden Sports Clinic in Kent. At Eden Sports Clinic in Kent I work as a personal trainer, correctional exercise specialist and sports massage therapist, this means that I train clientele in Eden clinics completely private studio where I work with clients of all abilities from different walks of life from high end athletes to complete beginners. Eden sports clinic has a state of the art Alter G machine which provides athletes and the public with the ability to gradually load and rehabilitate injuries whilst keeping up a level of fitness. Working as a sports massage therapist, there is a common misconception that to see a sports massage therapist you must be a sportsman or sportswomen however most of my clients come to me for general tightness, muscular dysfunction, injury, pregnancy massage, headaches, chronic pain and more. 

If you are interested in any of the above services, please click on the relevent pages where you can find more information, I also have videos on both my massage and personal training and rehabilitation pages of me talking to camera and detailing all information you would need to know including FAQ questions.

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